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Our Expertise

The reasons for investing in natural resources have always been strong. The pool of investable natural resources is growing as the world population requires more and more of these resources. Mineral exploration covers a wide range of objectives and activities that begin with the selection of a target area. The type of work carried out depends on the minerals being sought.
Cantex Geoservices’ operations are focused on exploration, development, production and acquisition of mineral properties.  We are looking to be leaders in mineral resource estimation and mine production optimization.
Resource Project Management
3D Geological Modeling
Drilling Ops. Management
Resource Mine Planning
Resource Marketing Strategy

Geological Data Management
Groundwater Investigation
Geophysical Investigation

Cantex Geoservices mission is to be the Pakistan leading independent consulting company, focused on safety, environmental protection through innovation & technology in mineral exploration, development, mining & marketing. Achieving our mission requires that we stay true to the basic principles that are the foundation on which Cantex Geoservices has been built;

  1. Respect: We respect one another and the communities in which we operate.

  2. Ethics and Honesty: We are ethical and honest and committed to uphold our strong reputation.

  3. Safety and Environment: We believe no job is so important that it cannot be done in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

  4. Personal Accountability: We are disciplined and personally accountable for our decisions, actions, attitude and results.

  5. Communication: We openly and professionally communicate among all levels and between departments and teams.

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